The Krav-Maga has the reputation of being violent. Does thi

Krav-Maga is brutal and gives no concessions but the PEOPLE WHO PRACTICE IT ARE NOT ! This means that all training must take place with strict security regulations and always with respect of others. Having said this the Krav-Maga is a contact sport and to say that you can practice it regularly without bruising would not be exact.

How should a beginner train ? Is there a system of belts ?

During the sixties,  Imi LICHTENFELD, the founder of Krav Maga, adopted the classic system of belts, which allows the pupil to know exactly where he stands, and also indicates to the instructor the technical level of his pupils which in turn makes advancement easier. In this way, during the 1st year of regular practice, a pupil can obtain the yellow and orange belts, then progress at a rhythm of one belt each season.  This means that in 5 years you can be at black belt level.

Who can practice Krav-Maga ? Is there an age limit ? Can wom

Krav-Maga can be practiced by everyone, but primarily from 15 years of age.You may start younger, but in this case the courses should be designed in such a way that they include, for instance, educational motricity games and also teach the value of sharing and working together.

What physical condition is required to practice Krav-Maga?

This all depends on the commitment you have in training. The Krav-Maga does not require a particular physical condition. While training, the physical condition improves progressively during the year.  Having said this, it is possible to continue maintaining and developing your physical condition in your own spare time!

There are no clubs near my home. How can I train ?

To practice our discipline, you can attend our training periods which take place periodically during the season  (see  « Training Courses »).  Some monitors have trained in this way.
Nevertheless, it is essential that you continue to train, for example with a friend, between these training periods in order to progress.

Are there competitions in Krav-Maga?

Combat sports that hold competitions require strict regulations to ensure the integrity of the participants.
Since Krav-Maga is self-defence, it must be unrestricted by rules.  In actual fact, in a street assault there are no holds barred. Consequently, there are not and there never can be competitions in  Krav-Maga.

Should you practice another discipline to be effective in Kr

The Krav-Maga is an all-round discipline and the technical program is extensive. This said, it is always a good thing to be interested in other forms of combat. However, you must keep in mind the logic of  Krav-Maga and not « fall » into specializing in such and such a discipline.

How do you become a Krav-Maga instructor ?

There are  2 grades of instructors.
The first grade is "Initiator": to become Initiator in Krav-Maga, you must :

  • be a holder of a First Aid Certificate (or  equivalent);
  • participate in an initiation training period by one of our Monitors (during which the technical program of the yellow and green belts will be taught)
  • participate in 2 long training camps (summer or winter) with one of our Monitors. At the conclusion of these trainings, the candidate is examined and if he passes, he may become an Initiator. For green belt candidates, participation in 2 long training periods is sufficient. In France, the last long training sessions must be directed by Richard DOUIEB.

For the 2nd grade of  "Monitor", you must already hold the black belt and participate in one long training course with Richard DOUIEB.
All of these training sessions can be found under the heading "Training Courses".

Must you learn how not to fall ?

Sometimes we hear the statement: "because it is dangerous to fall in the street you learn how not to fall to avoid being floored". It is true that a boxer must learn to avoid direct punches from the left, a judoka learns how to make his partner fall while trying not to fall himself. But what boxer has never been hit and what judoka has never fallen ?  We agree you must try not to fall, but what happens when we do fall and are unprepared ?  No one can assert that this will never happen.  You must be ready for everything to increase your chances.

In general, why do we have fights and particularly simulated

Krav-Maga is divided into two parts : self-defence and combat. The self-defence imagines all situations and all possible angles of attack and defence.The person who is only interested in this part of the sport has the right to do so and merits the same consideration as the others. This said, self-defence on its own is incomplete without combat practice. How, in actual fact, can you experience combat, timing, management of effort and distances that change all the time without also experiencing fighting ? Concerning the usefulness of wearing protections: in the street, it is true that, obviously, nobody has them. Truly dedicated people train without protection. The result is that they never (fortunately) attack the genitals. This means that they never learn to defend themselves from such attacks which is wrong. In order to learn how to give a correct circular kick in the leg area, you must have been able to train with no holds barred in total security. This can only be obtained wearing shin-guards.  If training is continually serious, there will inevitably be bruises or worse. What changes occur  in the trainees’ psychology when he is hurt ? Will he be hardened by this ? In fact, the opposite occurs and he loses confidence in himself.
Consequently, shadow combat or half-shadow wearing protection allows you to acquire in safely the spirit of a fighter.

Why do we hold real fights for grade examinations from green

Since no one is obliged to pass the  belt examinations, it is possible to train effortlessly to pass this test.  For those who are really interested, it is essential that they show the necessary courage before obtaining the black belt.  If you do not show courage you cannot practice Krav-Maga or at least not completely.
Furthermore, during a fight, if one of the opponents is badly hurt, the follow-up must be very weak or else stopped entirely. If a dangerous move is susceptible to be given, it must be by simulation showing in this way proof of clear-mindedness, composure, self restraint and respect of others.  Everything that an adept of  martial arts must possess.


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