Richard Douïeb


Everything depends on the personality If one asks Martial arts are effective in the reality? It under understands that art Martial makes the man. Now, in Krav Maga one tends to think that it is the man which makes Art Martial




Richard Douieb teaches Krav-Maga in France and Europe since 1987. He is the official representative in Europe of Imi LICHTENFELD, the founder.








armee76imi_richard2Born in Jerusalem in 1956, Richard Douieb came back to France and stayed till he was 16. He returned to Israël where he started martial arts.

In the army, at the age of 17, he discovered krav-maga. He passed his military diploma of krav-maga with Imi LICHTENFELD.

At 23 years old he returned to France. He practised several disciplines: Atemi-ju-jitsu, Thai Boxing, American Boxing and became Champion de France in 1983.




Finally, he decided to devote himself to krav-maga after successfully passing his diploma of Krav-Maga Instructor in Israël in 1987.

Krav-Maga became well-known in France when he started as GIGN self-defense Instructor in 1993. He remained in this function till 2005.









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