Winter Course FEKM-RD


The FEKM-RD big Winter Course will take place from January 5 to 8, 2023 at Le Gymnase Belvédère : 65, avenue Gambetta 92120 Suresnes, FRANCE.


This winter camp will be supervised by Steve SCHMITT, 7th DARGA, President of the FEKM-RD accompanied by FEKM-RD experts in 9 groups of levels: from beginner level to 5th Darga black belt.


With the pleasure of having the presence of Richard DOUÏEB, founder of FEKM-RD and pioneer of Krav Maga in Europe.


Register right now using the online form here: I WANT TO REGISTER!


Take advantage of special offers when you register before the 15th of December:

  • 50 € discount for the entire course using code EARLY2023
  • 13 € discount for the full-day course with code EARLYDAY


Hope to see you with us!


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Krav Maga Women Protect is the FEKM charity association created by FEKM teachers to support Women against violence .

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