Technical programs

Constant progress has been made to ensure that students of Krav Maga can develop their abilities to their best possible advantage. Candidates must have at least six years’ experience before taking their black belt examination.

The term “darga” designates a level achieved in Krav Maga during and after the black belt examination, in accordance with the articles and technical programme of the European Federation of Krav Maga (FEKM). It should not be confused with the term “dan”, which may only be used by the FFKDA and its Specialist Commission on Dans and Equivalent Grades (Article L.212-5 of the French Sports Code). Mention of a Dan followed by a Darga is in no way intended to indicate that one is equivalent to the other, or to create confusion of any kind, but to indicate that the person concerned has obtained two separate qualifications, under the conditions specific to each of the organisations issuing them.


Technical programmes of each belt