Teach Krav-Maga

To teach Krav Maga, it is essential to have learned its principles through serious training.

Krav-Maga has moral values transmitted by Imrich LICHTENFELD and one of the role of FEKM is to perpetuate the state of mind of its founder.

On the one hand, the practitioner must have rigorously studied the program that makes our discipline what it is. On the other hand, it is essential that the future teacher be instilled with the pedagogy that will allow him to transmit his knowledge in the best possible way. The reputation of many of our clubs is based on this requirement.
For this, the FEKM has set up, since its creation, a Federal Instructor Diploma (DIF) for practitioners motivated by teaching. It has two levels:

  • Initiator if the practitioner is not yet a black belt,
  • Monitor if the practitioner is at least a black belt. .

The first level allows the instructor who has started his training to start giving Krav-Maga lessons while continuing his learning.
Each national federation sets up its Instructor course. The candidate is validated by the National Federation of the country of affiliation after 1 initiation course (except for students who already have green belts) and 2 long courses led by one of the monitors of the country concerned.
To pass this diploma, a physical investment by the candidate will be necessary. He will have to revise what he has learned between courses, with a friend for example at his home, in order to properly assimilate the techniques learned. The Initiator has therefore been practicing Krav-Maga for at least one season but does not yet have a belt.