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Krav Maga
European Federation


Created in 1997 by Richard DOUIEB, official representative of Imi LICHTENFELD in Europe, the European Federation of Krav-Maga now includes more than 16700 members in 10 countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, United-Kingdom and Luxembourg. That makes FEKM the first organization in the world for thenumber of members! Welcome to FEKM-sector Québec with 2 clubs in Montréal: KM Autodefense and KM Montréal!

DO NOT BE ABUSED BY THE "ASPARTAME" EFFECT : it is called Krav Maga, it looks like Krav Maga, it has an official side but it may not be Krav Maga ... Please enquire!

Krav Maga is:

- A specific and detailed technical syllabus ;

- A technical part AND a Combat part;

- A structured course.

There is no equivalence. A black belt in Krav Maga knows the technical program of Krav Maga and practices for at least 5 years.

A Krav-Maga Championship?!

The mission of the European Federation of Krav Maga FEKM is to promote Krav Maga in respecting nature, technical richness and specific principles developed by its founder Imi Lichtenfeld..

Here's why the FEKM can't seriously consider a championship of this discipline.







A lecture/discussion will be given by Richard DOUIEB on Saturday the 25th of June from 5:30pm to 6:30pm CSU Jean Sarrailh 31 Av. Georges Bernanos 75005 PARIS. The theme : "Better understanding Krav-Mga: its realism, its philosophy". Participation : 5€ donated to the Association Mécénat de Chirurgie Cardiaque.


2 books recommended by FEKM:

livre mchapitaux        livre abroussal-derval


Fédération Européenne de Krav-Maga
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