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Krav Maga
European Federation


Created in 1997 by Richard DOUIEB, official representative of Imi LICHTENFELD in Europe, the European Federation of Krav-Maga now includes more than 15 000 members in 10 countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, United-Kingdom and Luxembourg. That makes FEKM the first organization in the world for thenumber of members!

Montréal CANADA has now joined the FEKM. Welcome!

A Krav-Maga Championship?!

The mission of the European Federation of Krav Maga FEKM is to promote Krav Maga in respecting nature, technical richness and specific principles developed by its founder Imi Lichtenfeld..

Here's why the FEKM can't seriously consider a championship of this discipline.






2014-2015 Sporting season

The 2014-2015 sporting season is approaching! Find more on "Clubs"  or "Training courses" to prepare it properly.

2014 INTERNATIONAL WINTER COURSE directed by Richard DOUEIB assisted by Steve SCHMITT and his team: in Suresnes near Paris FRANCE, 19th to 22nd december 2014. Download the brochure:

10th anniversary of the Portuguese Federation!

On September 27th and 28th 2014, the FPKm will celebrate its 10th anniversary! Download flyer:

10 year anniversary event




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