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Created in 1997 by Richard DOUIEB, official representative of Imi LICHTENFELD in Europe, the European Federation of Krav-Maga now includes more than 16700 members in 10 countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, United-Kingdom and Luxembourg. That makes FEKM the first organization in the world for thenumber of members! Welcome to FEKM-sector Québec with 2 clubs in Montréal: KM Autodefense and KM Montréal!

DO NOT BE ABUSED BY THE "ASPARTAME" EFFECT : it is called Krav Maga, it looks like Krav Maga, it has an official side but it may not be Krav Maga ... Please enquire!

Krav Maga is:

- A specific and detailed technical syllabus ;

- A technical part AND a Combat part;

- A structured course.

There is no equivalence. A black belt in Krav Maga knows the technical program of Krav Maga and practices for at least 5 years.

A Krav-Maga Championship?!

The mission of the European Federation of Krav Maga FEKM is to promote Krav Maga in respecting nature, technical richness and specific principles developed by its founder Imi Lichtenfeld..

Here's why the FEKM can't seriously consider a championship of this discipline.




The competition held recently can not be described as a Competition self-defense (Krav is nothing else). This name does not make sense unless leave whenever a participant on two injured or worse! 50% of Krav Maga consists of fighting, which does not appear in this championship.

The more accurate title would be "Competition of demonstrations of Krav Maga." However, based on demonstrations whose rating is encouraged by the originality of the technical championship would go a very different purpose of why Krav Maga was designed, logic and technical efficiency is not a priority. A demonstration is based on a choreographed and therefore prepared in advance together. When there is a demonstration we will necessarily emphasize what is interesting for the show. Thus, efficient techniques that are not the most spectacular can only deteriorate further over the future organization of these competitions, as well as the precise movements and the accuracy of the distances that are not taken into account, and should be assessed to put the odds on the side of the practitioner in cases of real need to defend themselves physically.

To give an image, set up a competition of KM with gold, silver and bronze, it's a bit like giving the Medal of Courage for a demonstration for two minutes.

Why did Imi, top level competitor, never develop a competition of KM? The answer is that KM is not reduced to a simple sports competition game, even if we can congratulate the investment of some of this recent event competitors, who have worked so hard.

Our school has a responsibility FEKM not see derive the KM to something other than why it was created, by degrading for trivial reasons.

The FEKM invited to Imi's Tribute in Brazil

From May the 27th to 30rd 2010, Richard Douïeb was invited by the south-american federation of Krav-Maga whose President is Kobi Lichtenstein to co-animate 4 days in tribute of Imi Lichtenfeld in Rio de Janeiro. Congratulations for the organization of this event which enabled to gather the Krav-Maga family.brasil10


The FEKM quits the French Federation of Karate

Concerned about keeping the integrity of Krav-Maga, we consider that candidates have to be examined only by jurys specialized in Krav-Maga. We do not recognize people having passed exams by other means.

For the beginners who want to learn Krav-Maga, confusion can exist as a french law enables a Karateka with a certain level (1st dan, 2nd dan...) to have the same level in any other discipline part of the French Federation without any specific formation.

The law for the Krav-Maga should have been the starting point for the organisation of this discipline to englobe all the «schools» and unite them in a coherent programme under the supervision of the President of the French Federation of Karate. This unfortunately did not come about since grades were distributed without the possibility of controlling the competence of the examiners.

Code of Ethics

As a member of the F.E.K.M. / R.D. I undertake to respect the following
Charter of Conduct and to be:

  • Honest
  • Non-aggressive
  • Humble
  • To respect the terms of our statutes, our internal regulations, our instructors and our training partners

Besides this, I undertake to use the techniques of Krav Maga exclusively during classes or for the purpose of defending my physical integrity or that of those near to me.
I will also help to engender a convivial climate of friendship and simplicity.





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